Rare Breed Pigs

We are committed to the conservation and farming of traditional old breeds which are in danger of extinction. We farm these animals not only to produce their delicious meat, but also to maintain their unique genetics which may be needed in the future.

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Tamworth pigs

 Wild in descent and nature

Tamworth pigs are the closest genetically to the ancient European pigs which were in turn descended from wild boar. The immediate ancestors of modern Tamworth pigs were the Irish Grazier pigs, which were noticed in 1809 by Sir Robert Peel during his time in Ireland. He imported several to his estate near Tamworth in Staffordshire. The breed was improved in the first half of the nineteenth century through gradual selection for the kind of hog that would make the most desirable bacon-type carcass. This is long and lean, producing fine grained meat, and not prone to putting on excessive back fat when kept to the heavier weights required for bacon production.

Hardy, intelligent and lively

Tamworth pigs make an excellent choice for cross-breeding because they are so distantly related to other modern pig breeds. They are well suited to free range production: naturally disease resistant, hardy in our climate and extremely intelligent and lively. On the other hand they tend to produce only small litters and can be accident prone mothers as they are somewhat excitable. They demonstrate their genetic closeness to wild boar by their lively intelligence, their ability to jump walls, run fast and their unrivalled ability to rotavate ground. They have the long snout and snuffling instincts of wild woodland pigs. Tamworth pork is especially delicious as bacon, being slow growing and fine grained.


Gloucestershire Old Spots

Gloucester Old Spots are a traditional hardy British pig breed originating in the West Country of England. This type of pig was known as the Cottagers pig or the Orchard pig and was traditionally fattened on windfall apples and pears in the area around the Severn. Gloucester Old Spots sows make good mothers, producing plenty of milk and continuing to bear piglets later than other breeds. They produce delicious pork for roasting, and excellent bacon. With outdoor rearing, exercise and a good diet they produce marbled pork without excessive back fat. More info