Free range Turkey

Our free range turkeys are free to come and go from their shelter in the barn during the day and enjoy foraging in the fields and feeding on the lush grass that supplements their diet and will impart that all important flavor. Birds are dry plucked to give the finest finish and hang for a minimum of 10 days to provide a fuller flavored, firmer textured meat. Turkeys are produced fresh for Christmas,  can be ordered from September each year, and will available for collection or delivery from December 10 onwards.  In the other months we can supply frozen whole free range turkeys.  

Poultry shelf life

Poultry and game birds have a short shelf life of a few days from packing. Each product is labelled with a use by date.

Storing your poultry safely

Please note that all turkeys, geese, chickens and other poultry must be stored in a cold fridge (less than 2 degrees C) or a freezer at all times, following the instructions regarding their use by date.Most domestic fridges are running at about 5 degrees C in a centrally heated kitchen, so ideally store poultry in a separate meat fridge set to 1 degree C or in your freezer. Freezing for a few days will do no damage to the quality of your bird.


Free range Turkey