Free range chicken Northern Ireland (whole, oven ready)

Free range chicken Northern Ireland (whole, oven ready)

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These delicious chickens are exceptional in flavour and texture. When we say free range, we mean it - these chickens are allowed to roam and forage on green pasture for their natural diet. Perfect for Sunday lunch.
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Our Price: £6.99


Be aware of retailers, butchers and supermarkets selling so called 'free range chickens' at a reduced price. A properly carefully raised free range chicken can never be cheap, as it takes so much effort to produce it. Supermarket so called free range chickens are actually barn raised chickens - they are produced in a large shed of 5000 - 10000 chickens. One side of the shed is open, and the chickens can get out on to a small square of open field, which is probably fairly devoid of any grass as it has been pecked bare by the great volume of chickens in the shed. Chickens being chickens they stay in the large warm barn rather than go outside into a bare area. The whole shed of chickens is produced in temperature controlled conditions, for a short period. At the end of their short growing period they are culled by driving a large machine through the barn, which sweeps all the chickens up, so they are captured. These cheap 'free range chickens' are treated like a crop. They are generally not hung, and are wet plucked, which is the cheapest form of plucking, hence their skin is damp, and will never crisp up properly. Contrast this with the farming of our County Down free range chickens. They are produced in small batches of 200 or so. They are housed in a small chicken shed at night, so they are safe from foxes. They are let out in the mornings into a green field of fresh grass and mixed herbs. They literally run out of the shed on to the grass. They peck fresh green grass all day. They are kept for about 6 weeks, which is considerably longer than supermarket 'free range' chickens. They are hung for 5 days after killing, to produce a deep mature flavour. They are dry plucked, which is a more expensive and labour-intensive process, to ensure that the skin is perfect, and dry, and so produces a crispy chicken skin when cooked. With all this care and attention, no wonder they taste so delicious.