Poultry Shelf Life

Poultry and game birds have a short shelf life of a few days from packing. Each product is labelled with a use by date.

Storing your poultry safely

As soon as you get your poultry home, please remove it from the plastic bag, and remove the giblets from the cavity of the bird.  Place the giblets in a separate covered bowl in the bottom of your refrigerator or in your freezer. Store your poultry in a separate bowl or tray at the bottom of your fridge, ensuring that no blood from the poultry can fall on to other food.  

Please note that all turkeys, geese, chickens and other poultry must be stored in a cold fridge (less than 2 degrees C) or in a a freezer at all times, following the instructions regarding their use by date. Most domestic fridges will be running at about 5 degrees C as  they are constantly opened letting in hot air from the kitchen. You can check the internal temperature of your fridge by putting a cooks temperature probe in the fridge for a few minutes.  Ideally store fresh poultry in a separate meat fridge set to 1 degree C which is  located in a cold room, or much better still, store your poultry in your freezer.  

Fresh poultry only has a shelf life of 3 days maximum from the date of packing, so if you have received your fresh poultry two or three days before you plan to cook it, you will have to store it in a freezer.   Poultry does not deteriorate in any way if stored in a freezer for a few days.  The day before you plan to cook your bird, remove it from the freezer, and put it in the refrigerator to thaw.  Check that the whole bird and the inner cavity inside the bird if fully thawed before cooking.  

Poultry Shelf Life

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