Pasture fed free range poultry Northern Ireland



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Our free range chickens, geese and bronze turkeys are reared in small outdoor flocks on the shores of Strangford Lough. They enjoy access to 160 acres of lush pasture. The chickens are slowly reared and kept for 16 weeks (compare this to the six week life of an average supermarket bird). 

Kelly Bronze Turkey chicks are started in July, allowing six months to develop the full breast of a properly fattened bird for the Christmas table. We also supply delicious free range geese, specifically for the Christmas market.

All the birds are locked in at night in wooden houses to protect them from foxes. Foliage accounts for a large part of their diet with the rest made up of wheat grown on the farm, intensifying the flavour of the meat. They are given no routine drugs or antibiotics. After killing they are dry plucked and hung for five days to develop their flavour.